Codeine is an opioid pain medicine which is sometimes referred as narcotic. The drug is used to treat mild to moderate pain. People buy Codeine online to get relieved from incessant pain it is effective but should be taken under the prescription of doctor only.

Important Information about Codeine:

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while using codeine. Do not use this medicine if you have breathing problems, blockage in your intestine or stomach, or have frequent attacks of asthma. The drug can slow down or stop your breathing process. It can be a habit-forming drug. Misuse of the medicine can lead to addiction, overdose or death especially in children. Use of this medicine during pregnancy can cause life-threatening withdrawal symptoms in the newborns. Using codeine with alcohol can cause drowsiness and slow down the breathing process.

Not only this, it is a narcotic pain reliever also. The medicine is a cough suppressant similar to hydrocodone and morphine also. Moreover, codeine gets converted to morphine in the human body. The precise mechanism of action of codeine is not known. But, like morphine, the drug binds to the brain receptors (Opioid receptors) that transport pain sensation throughout the brain and body. Codeine increases tolerance towards the pain, decrease the discomfort and can difficulty in breathing and drowsiness. Codeine is combined with acetaminophen or aspirin for relieving pain effectively.

Common Side Effects of Codeine:

Lightheadedness, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, rashes, itching, constipation etc. are some of the common side effects of codeine. Life threatening respiratory depression, low blood pressure, and adrenal insufficiency are some of the serious side effects of codeine.

What should be the correct dosage?

Usually, the adult dose of the codeine for pain relief is 15-60 mg in every 4-6 hours as required. The dose for cough is 10-20 mg in 4-6 hours as required. The maximum dose which one can take for treating cough is 120 mg in every 24 hours.
You can either buy online generic codeine or buy tramadol online but just take not to take the drug with alcohol or other sedatives like Alprazolam. Apart from that, the drug should not be taken with the medicines which can stimulate and block the opioid receptors like pentazocine as it can cause serious side effects. Store the medicine at a cold place away from sunlight and buy cheap online codeine from a licensed pharmacy.