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A Legal Binding between Our Affiliates and Us
We understand the importance of stakeholders in our business. We highly appreciate their efforts to support us and making our efforts of selling genuine medicine at reduced rates successful. We make sure that we maintain a complete transparency with them. There are a few legal bindings which we have to follow mutually. As per our policy we maintain an absolute transparency with our clients and we do this to have a fair deal with all of our affiliates. We make sure that both the parties get satisfied fully and a friendly environment can be maintained so that our business can grow constantly. affiliates can contact us for any query, suggestions or for resolving any grievances. All the communication can be done via live chat, mail or phone. Our customer care executives are available to you at any hour of the day and they would be happy to resolve any issue or to satisfy your queries. We are transparent and maintain a highly professionallevel with our affiliates via chat or e-mail to make them feel that they are taken care of y us.

Before you choose to work with us as an affiliate, you need to read the entire agreement with care. The agreement is a legal binding between us and it has a set of terms and conditions that our affiliates have to follow to become our partner in business. We allow HTML linking between our website and the website of our affiliates. Our representatives will be available all the time to you. You just have to make sure that you understand all the terms before signing an agreement with us.

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Affiliate Program